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FOX News
Nov 18, 2012 3:00am PST
. meanwhile, u.s. officials moving to deescalate the rising violence, advising israel not to enter gaza, fearing it could draw egypt in to that consulate. and joining us the consulate general, good to see you ambassador. >> thank you for having me. >> dave: the latest what we just said. benjamin netanyahu told the cabinet he's ready to significantly be expand its operation in gaza. is israel prepared for a ground invasion into gaza and what could incite that? >> look the mandate from the inception was to remove this strategic threat posed by thousands of rockets on israelis-- innocent israelis paralyzing our entire southern region. so the goal was to remove that threat and the mandate given to the defense forces from the government was not limited in time nor in scope. so in other words, the possibility of israel moving in with ground forces certainly exists, it depends how the operation develops on the ground. right now, hamas is firing rockets. hamas is still displaying a tremendous degree of aggression towards israel and the purpose of this operation is to eliminate that threat. >> m
FOX News
Nov 25, 2012 3:00am PST
in central cairo. and judges, meanwhile, called for aant ob walkout in protest and the u.s. embassy is cautions all american in cairo to be cautious. and the state department says at that morsi's action raise concerns that power is going to be overly concentrated and u.s. senator john mccain has tweeted the following and i quote, president morsi should renounce his power grab before things get out of hand. and shares on the egyptou fn stock market not coincidentally plunged 10% on s tundaoll and meanwhile, despite the cease-fire with israel, hamas says it's preparing for what might be a future confrontation, hamas says it's rebuilding smuggling tunnels and many were destrrlsed during the recent conflict and the group's number two political leader says hnwas will not stop arming itself and hamas is calling for israel and egypt to end all restrictions on imports and exports to the strip. and the london times is reporting today that an israeli spy satellite spotted a shift in iranian port that is being loaded with rockets and missiles that could make its way to gaza. and lastly, in wha
FOX News
Nov 4, 2012 3:00am PST
you know he wasn't the first? in fact, four u.s. presidents have been elected to office without winning the popular votes all in tight races like the one decide this had week, could it all happen again? presidential historian joins us with perspective, good morning to you, nick. >> good morning, gretchen. >> this just happened 12 years ago and many people have been speculating that president obama might win electorally, but mitt romney might win the popular vote. how do you see it? >> well, it's sort of becoming a trend as you mentioned, it happened 12 years ago and three other times in history and it could very well happen again. we see that mitt romney in a lot of the polls is leading, and we've seen other polls, obama is leading and depends where the electoral college, those eight swing states that people are talking about, ohio, new hampshire, virginia, others, depends what happens in those states. amazingly enough this election has turned into an election for about eight states. >> gretchen: and some people are upset about that and gins up the discussion, whether or not the
FOX News
Nov 11, 2012 3:00am PST
ever wants to get u.s. intelligence so that became one of the stumbling blocks in this investigation and if clayton were here, it would probably drive him mad he wasn't doing this via a completely secure cia e-mail, but e-mail that-- >> wouldn't that be worse that he would use the cia e-mail. >> dave: try several layers of security, not that g-mail doesn't do a good job of securing e-mail. >> mike: he's probably not saying this is sensitive information, sensitive to my marriage, but not sensitive to the government. >> alisyn: of course you use your private e-mail to send private steamy e-mails. >> dave: and start worrying-- >> have i put too much on this right now. let me back up. and work e-mail to do this, but by using g-mail now they're saying he could have potentially compromised the national security. what if he said something on e-mail and hackers had been trying-- >> a question for you. the fbi is worried about this because somebody was hacking in-- >> no, they were looking into it because paula broadwell allegedly sent threatening e-mailings. >> to the other woman, oh, my goo
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)